Ndlovukazi Online Media

Founded with the main mission to help small businesses, large businesses and individuals that want to create, maintain and improve their marketing efforts is what we are about. We are a herd with a depth of knowledge that is past, present and future, moving your brand to green online pastures and ensuring you don’t get left behind. To reach this level Ndlovukazi has a herd that is committed to taking your brand to new heights and invests time, expertise and skill to guide you in reaching new markets.
As the newly formed and only black female owned digital media agency, Ndlovukazi Online Media prides itself as the underdog in the industry. Striving not just put out content, but tell the cultural narratives, African stories and shape the future youth. Ndlovukazi hopes to contribute positively to the economy of South Africa by providing work & learning opportunities for the youth at large.


To deliver on the pulse human experience online.



We know there is a lot of information out there and we also know there is clutter. Being clear in our manner of approach, presenting and gathering information is imperative to our work. This also speaks to honesty because clarity provides an honest outlook.


Trust can’t be bought and for us trust is essential in the way we do our work. It allows for growth and greater collaborative effort.


Reliability means great delivery. We are reliable team ready to deliver on our promise and performance expectations.


In our space creativity is unique tool, rare and complex at times and that is why we cherish it so much. We bring creative flair in our work at every step and we ask you bring your creative spirit.



Amanda Onamandla Mathe

Founder(Digital Matriarch)

Nicked name the digital matriarch and know to agencies as the Olivia Pope of social media. She prides herself in building recognizable brands and providing support in the love of building a better community.She is a professional journalist, with years of experience in the news media, corporate social media management, and online development.